Kyrie Irving requests trade: what does this mean for cavs.

It means a Cavs v Warriors Final is not guaranteed. It means Robin wants to grow up to be his own batman.

Irving already has the best player in the world in LeBron and a very good power forward in Kevin Love. Together, they’ve been to three straight NBA Finals and won a championship. Kyrie was integral in winning that championship — and he earned plenty of recognition along the way and in the aftermath.

Irving reportedly wants to be a centerpiece like Wall and Damian Lillard are for their teams and he might want to be careful about that desire. Lillard has been wrecked by the Warriors in the past two postseasons and is a perennial all-star snub. Wall is just coming into his true fame, and has never been beyond the second round of the NBA playoffs. Maybe Dame and Wall are featured on more posters around their teams’ arenas, but they are both underexposed nationally.

Irving is in his prime and clearly wants to lead the team, even if LeBron leaves and the Cavs belonging to Irving, it would never really be his, he will always live in the shadow of LeBron legacy in Cleveland.

Maybe it is time to Irving to leave.

Irving was in the top five in jersey sales in 2017, as well, above every point guard peer except Stephen Curry. He has the second best-selling signature shoe in the NBA, behind only LeBron.

feel as though no matter the accolades they receive, or the money they earn, they were being shortchanged. There are more players who want exclusive glory, even if the glory comes less frequently. Kyrie isn’t alone.

But he’s the first true star to say no to LeBron, and he did it after living at the right hand of the King for three wildly successful years. For so long, many of us presumed that LeBron’s basketball nature made life inside his court easy. Perhaps that wasn’t an accurate assessment. Perhaps for a star who considers himself an equal to LeBron, living in the shadow is more tortuous than losing 50 games a year.

I think Kyrie Irving just proved, being a sidekick isn’t all that fun.